BCT, micro gas air conditioning
Cooling: 7oC chilled water
Heating: 57oC heating water
Hot water: 80oC hot water
Fuels: natural gas, diesel
Cooling efficiency 110%
Heating efficiency 88%
Area Coverage:
BCT 23: 200-600m2
BCT 70: 500-1,500m2
BCT 115: 800-2,000m2

Three functions in one: cooling/ heating/ hot water.
Powerful cooling & heating
Gas input provides enough heat in icy winters.
Water cooling offers enough cold in torrid summers.
Super energy saving
Natural gas input saves 50% more primary energy compared with electric heat pumps.
Absolutely safe
Installed outdoors at any place within 50m away from houses. No gas poisoning risks.
Widely applied
Can be used for air conditioning, heating radiator, floor heating and radiation heating, applicable to all kinds of icy and torrid climate conditions.
Convenient for use
Year-round auto operation of cooling, heating & hot water.
Auto on/off per ambient temperature.
Auto constant temperature control.
Top quality
All models shaped by dies, made by assembly lines and 100% commissioned in factory. All European/US safety certificates secured.
Smallest in the world
Designed for 200-2000m2 buildings and solved the world puzzle of small lithium bromide air conditioning.

+ For more information download Chiller & water distribution system specifications (pdf)

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