Packaged with DFA, waste heat recovery chillers & other chillers.
Cooling capacity: 233kW ~ 11,630kW (66Rt-3,307Rt)
model 20 (233kW/ 66Rt) & model 50 (582kW/ 165Rt)
model 75 ~ 1000 (872~11,630kW or 250~3,307Rt) + machine room
machine room can designed by BROAD, customer can make it locally. BROAD also can provide metal enclosure


Miraculous electricity saving
Zero water resistance design enables 60% + electricity saving compared with conventional water distribution systems. Inverter control further reduces the operating electricity consumption by 50% of the rated power demand.
Quick installation
Installation time is 10% of that for conventional projects, which saves a lot of time cost and labor cost for customers.
Cost and space saving
One-time investment solves all problems:
design, purchase, installation, commissioning and 50% space reduction.
worry-free & Carefree
Whole system factory made and tested.
Customers' management cost saved.
All European/US safety certificates secured.
Central air conditioning industrialization materialized.

+ For more information download Chiller & water distribution system specifications (pdf)

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