In 1992 my brother and I successfully developed China's first direct-fired absorption chiller (DFA)--a central chilling and heating equipment which directly uses fuel. It is also termed "non-electric chiller".

We were motivated by monetary purpose then. Later we discovered that if people used fossil fuels massively, it would result in global warming, especially it is predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that the global atmospheric surface temperature may rise 6 within 100 years. I am worried: How can our children survive?

Therefore, energy conservation has been the focus in my career.
In 1996 the world's first-inline-falling-head auto purge system was developed and in 1997 the world's first solution plate-heat-exchanger was produced, which ensured BROAD DFA chillers are equipped with the global leading energy-saving technologies. In the following year the world's first exhaust-fired products and various cooling, heating and power (CHP) systems were developed successfully.
We have developed ten generations of DFA chillers. Not even a single day have we stopped researching & developing energy conservation technologies. We began to export our products to the US in 1998 and have become No.1 market sharer of DFA chillers. Now we are in more than 50 countries.

With the broader insight, our R & D engineers and service engineers have discovered there are many obvious technological defects and blind sights which result in vast energy waste.

Gradually all BROAD employees those have forged a complex--We have the responsibility of replacing as many as possible all other products with ours to slow down the global warming so that our children may have a chance.

Zhang Yue
Co-founder of BROAD

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