Applications: to provide chilled/heating water for large buildings
Area Coverage: 1,500m2 ~ 300,000m2
(air-conditioned area)/unit
cooling (7/14oC chilled water)
heating (65/55oC heating water)
hot water (80/60oC hot water)

Fuels: natural gas, biogas, diesel or gas/oil Cooling capacity: 233kW-11,630kW
(66Rt-3,307Rt)(14 models)
Cooling efficiency at full load: 136%
Cooling efficiency at integrated part load value: 156%
Heating efficiency: 93%


Three functions in one: cooling/ heating/ hot water.
Energy saving
40% energy saving compared with other similar non-electric chillers.
Absolutely safe
All American and European safety certificates are secured.
Many choices
Can meet customers' diversified requirements of different energy sources, cooling/heating capacity, water temperature and pressure limit. There are 300+ varieties and 7000+ applications.

+ For more information download Chiller & water distribution system specifications (pdf)

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