Minimalism is beauty
When a fan coil doesn't look like a fan coil, when you cannot even find the air inlet/outlet, the switch, the label... An idea may come across you: it's a piece of white marble.

Health Science
Electrostatic cleaning, active carbon detoxification, oxygen deficiency protection, interior open design, all by a slight touch
- The inverter fan is equipped with stepless frequency control.
- The ultra-thin almunium fan blade operates without noise.
- If the fan is operating at low speed, you can not hear any noise but your own breathing in serene nights. Aesthetics
- Not gaudy, no show-off, not even one redundancy. Only beauty.
- Metal shell and coated with top quality car paint. It will still appear new after several decades.
- 139 varieties available in any color match well with any interior design style.
- As the density of cold air is greater than that of hot air, low position installation of fan coils saves energy dramatically, namely 30-60% in cooling and 10-40% in heating operation.
- Customers can choose from a selection of over 100 varieties for low position installation.
- Use a heat meter to measure air conditioning consumption, implement energy saving management, and actualize cost evaluation.
- The market price of a heat meter alone is more expensive than a conventional air-con, yet its energy-saving potentials are huge.
- The heat meter uses an ultrasonic flow meter to measure the flow rate accurately and constantly. It cooperates with two thermometers at class 0.01oC to measure cold/heat energy accurately.
- Record energy consumption and expenses of the moment, today, this month, this year and last year.
Beauty of quietness
If a fan coil does not sound like a fan coil, you won't be aware of its operation, at a low speed you cannot hear any noise but your own breathing in serene will have an illusion: the machine is so humanized.

1. CO2 sensor: customer can select 1 piece if several fan coil are installed in a room.
2. Heat meter: it is optional if the customer doesn't want to have air conditioning billing and energy saving management.
3. Outdoor thermometer: customer can select 1 piece if several fan coils are installed in a room. It is not necessary for a building of closed type (which cannot be cooled down by opening windows or introducing fresh air).
4. Lighting remote control - each fan coil can control 4 lighting loops. It is optional if the customer doesn't want to control lighting by fan coil remote control or implement illumination energy saving management though BMS.
5. Colors: "Standard", "Basic" & "Optional" colors. 7% additional price to be charged for "basic" colors. "Optional" colors can be offered on case base, but the additional cost may be very high. Colors can be mixed according to customer's color palette. Special materials are also available for special orders, such as gold-plating in right figure (it is very expensive with long lead time)
6. Remote control: it controls not only temperature and air speed, but also the room lighting. We recommend one for each room. If several fan coils are installed in a room, one for every three fan coils is recommended. It may not be necessary for public places like hotel rooms.

+ For more information download Air quality product specifications (pdf)

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