BROAD air quality products
equipped with electrostatic cleaners
can filter dust & bacteria TINER than Human CELLS,
protect lungs,
avoid blood pollution.

How much fresh air are we breathing?

Staying in a room lacking of fresh air is like living on the sea without freshwater. According to authoritative investigations, everybody in the world has more or less suffered from fresh air deficiency (oxygen deficiency), e.g.:

Examples of direct fresh air application:
1) A fresh air box is equipped with fan coil and outdoor fresh air can be pumped into rooms by fans.
2) A fresh air box is wall-mounted to get outdoor fresh air in.

Super purification
Electrostatic cleaning, active carbon detoxification, oxygen deficiency protection, interior open design
Easy installation
Plug and play, instantly eliminates urban pollution
Quiet operation
Inverter fan, noiseless at low speed
Widely applied
Can supply fresh air to a single room or the whole building

+ For more information download Air quality product specifications (pdf)

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