The extensive application of advanced technologies in recent years have bettered the life of the people and their work day by day... However, there are many complaints from those fastidious people on many occasions. For the air conditioning issue only, complaints are too numerous to be counted:

Customers often complain about the over or under-coolness of the air conditioner, the stale air and noise pollution.

The property owners often complain about the exceptionally high operating cost: when people leave rooms without switching off air conditioning, wasting energy.

Building developers and contractors often complain about too much investment on air conditioning system, too much trouble in engineering designing, equipment and material purchasing, installation and testing, and too long construction period.

Government officials and economists often complain about too much electricity consumed by air conditioning. Although new power stations are built every year, power shortage still occurs every summer. The grid load factor is decreasing whereas the cost of power generating increasing every year.

Energy specialists often complain about too much energy consumption by air conditioning, for the resources on the earth are running out day by day.

Environmentalists complain about huge amount of usable but wasted heat sources has caused the global warming year after year.

In the past five years, K.E.P Co. has been specializing in engineering designing, installation & maintenance of H.V.A.C (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems. After reconnaissance the projects, we recommend many options to help our clients make best decision, focusing on energy and cost optimization. cooperation with worldwide brands like BROAD, SIEMENS, HYDROPATH and Persian famous companies, we developing services every day to reach our main goal: satisfaction of customers.

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