Applications: to provide chilled/heating water for various large-scale buildings
cooling (7/14oC chilled water)
heating (65/55oC heating water)
hot water (80/60oC hot water)

Heat sources: exhaust from power generation and industrial waste steams,
e.g. : ≥250oC exhaust, ≥0.1MPa steam, ≥95oC hot water gas and waste heat hybrid (multi-energy chiller)
Cooling capacity: 233kW-11,630kW
(66Rt-3,307Rt)(74 models)


Free energy
Use waste heat seamless connection with power generators to make cooling, heating, and power (CHP) systems
First in the world
Directly use exhaust from power generation for cooling
Top quality
All parts are the same as those of BROAD DFA except the heat source parts.

+ For more information download Chiller & water distribution system specifications (pdf)

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